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Dhaarmik Jeevan is a established on 25th Mar'2019 as a registered charitable Trust vide Registration Document No. 74/2019 with SRO Ashok Nagar Hyderabad.

Founder & Managing Trustees: Raghuram Avadhanam and Padmapriya Avadhanam.

More Trustees / members will be inducted to form various committees to manage the activities of the Trust.

  • Executive Committee will be responsible for the Vision and Mission of the Trust and overall Governance.
  • Working Committee will be responsible for implementing the Vision and Mission.
  • Special Committee will be formed based on the need to execute short term projects.


The trust has choosen 5 main categories.


  • To promote Hindutva and Sanathana Dharma, perform outreach activities by meeting in different places and conducting spiritual events and spiritual discourses.
  • To establish, renovate old existing and construct new temples and maintain the same.
  • Providing free meals (Annadanam) during festivals and other occasions to public.
  • Promote ancient Vedic culture, Vedic knowledge, Sanskrit language, promote and create awareness of its relevance to the modern scientific world we live in today.

Social Service

  • Sponsor education, provide medical help, support and run orphanage, old age homes and help in natural calamities like floods, earthquake or other situations, help and enable poor families in family events, monetarily support deserted families, widows and old people.


  • Establish, maintain, run, develop, improve, extend, and to aid, assist in the establishment and extension of Education Institutions, and manage them in a professional way to help the society and students.
  • Manage and institutionalize training and development activities and build skills.

Health Care

  • Promote and carry on health care by establishing and maintaining hospitals or clinics or by rendering other, medical assistance and to undertake and assist other types of medical work including the training of doctors, nurses and paramedical workers and/or provide medicines and assistance in the form of money for the treatment of diseases.

Agriculture and Rural Development

  • Promote Agricultural activities, help farmers in technology adoption for farming and food processing, help in marketing of food products and procurement of seeds, provide education on Natural and chemical free farming, protect animals and promote Goshalas and dairy farms, rural development and create self-sustainable villages to avoid Urbanization and migration of population to cities.


Dhaarmik Jeevan is associated with many spiritual activities and donated funds for construction and Maintenance of temples and running Dhaarmik institutions to promote and retain our ancient culture and spiritual practices. Prominent temples donated funds:

  • The Sharada Temple at Teetwal near POK
  • Dattatreya Swamy Temple Markapuram
  • Renovation of old Subramanya Temple in Ongole District
  • Sri Siddeshwara Matham Kurthalam
  • Sri Shakti Peetham Rayalacheruvu near Thirupathi
  • Sri Sri Sri Vidyanarayana Theertha Swamy Ashram Bangalore
  • Sanathan Institute Goa
  • Sri Ramalayam at Shakkarnagar Bodhan Nizamabad

The trust founders Raghuram and Padmapriya Avadhanam did not have children for 12 yrs after marriage. They were blessed with Twins Boy and Girl in 2008 upon construction of Sri Santhana Seetha Ramachandra Swamy temple in 2009 at Chintalapattur near Pushpagiri Kadapa District Andhra Pradesh. The temple is completely managed by the Trust.


The trust has sponsored clothes, food and medicines to many orphanages and old-age homes apart from helping in jobs and mentoring the youth. The trust has adopted few Orphanages in Hyderabad and regularly provide Food grains. Donated funds to social and Philanthropic organisations to promote Indian culture and Heritage.

The Trust has been instrumental in bringing change at Puspagiri and adjacent villages of Vallur Mandalam where the people were much below poverty line and low in morale. The youth and adults are well behaved got back community living helping each other. The Trust did many interventions to unite the locals to eliminate and punish anti- Social elements who were disturbing the peace.


The Trust has sponsored many events to educate youth and the illiterate adults on Indian culture. Worked closely with Samskritha Bharathi to host Sanskrit classes and sloka recitation at DD Colony office.

The Trust promotes Vedic institutes and preaching of Vedic knowledge to youth. I has donated funds to Vedic institutes. Also the Trust gave scholarships to many students to pursue education. The vision is to revive the Vedic knowledge in the society and make practical use of it to help people lead a better life with prosperity.


Sponsored free health camps in Hyderabad and Kadapa and free consultancy for Naturopathy and Acupuncture. The Trust also runs a clinic at their DD Colony Office with Acupuncture Naturopathy and Acupuncture therapies at a very nominal cost. The Founder Trustee Raghuram Avadhanam is a Certified PG Dip in Acupuncture and Dip in Naturopathy and Yoga. He has treated over 35 Covid 19 cases free of cost.

rural development

The Trust has adopted few Villages in Kadapa District of AP and Wanaparthy district in Telangana to educate Farmers Natutural Farming production storage and marketing of food grains and fruits. The Trust has conducted many trainings to farmers and also done experiments in Cow based natural farming to grow Paddy, Pulses, Mango and other fruits.

The Trust provided loans and financial assistance to farmers to buy natural desi variety seeds and cultivate them. The Trust has a vision to form Farmers Producing Organizations and act as a bridge between end consumer and farmer to market and sell agricultural products, and also setup primary food processing units.


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Telegram: +91 76708 23134


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